When You Believe in What You Do


believeI first heard Michael Finnigan speak about two years ago. He described a coaching session with a high-profile person whose business was struggling. Why? Because he was driven by avoiding risk. He had lost his vision. So there was nothing to propel him forward.

Then I heard Michael speak again a couple of months ago, at a NWEEG event (North West Employee Engagement Group).  Again he spoke about motivation and vision … Being the analytical person that I am, I sat wondering: How can this one theory (Maslow) have such a significant impact on the people he works with?

So I walked to the train station, and sat from Leeds to Preston wondering  …

Since I like to have answers to my questions, I decided to find out from the man himself. So I interviewed Michael.

It was a great hour where we talked about some inspiring books he has read, politics, football, and of course, employee engagement.

I asked several questions, but it’s not his answers that stayed with me … It’s the way in which Michael spoke about employee engagement, and everything else he believes in.

He believes in it!

And that is what makes the difference. That is the difference between the person who talks about vision, employee engagement, communication …  And the person who actually believes in them …  So when you’re with this person, you are inspired, you want to just run out and start implementing the ideas you have just discussed … And your enthusiasm rips across the office.

Those are the people you want in your organisation! Whether it’s managers or team members … But particularly for managers, who have such a huge influence on team motivation.

So what does this mean for you?

1. Look in the mirror:
■   Do you believe in all this employee engagement talk? I mean, actually believe in it, rather than just talking the talk?
■   You could get a book and read about it. Also discuss with colleagues, LinkedIn groups, or HR groups to hear from others the change that employee engagement can bring. It’s these discussions that will inspire you.

2. Look out of your office:
■   Do managers believe in what they are doing? Do they ‘feel’ the vision of the organisation in their bones? If they don’t, then it’s unlikely their team members will!
■   Chat to them … Discuss what’s most important for them in the organisation, as individuals and as teams … Take this to the senior leadership team. This is what fires up employees, so leaders who want passionate staff who go the extra mile will listen and implement.


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Dr Sharon Xuereb is an employee engagement specialist, and a psychologist working in the UK and the US. She has developed a free quiz so you can find out what type of manager you are. You will instantly get practical tips to help you become an even more effective manager!




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