How to Get Rid of Bad Attitude in Your Team


Bad attitude fromfist staff is a major headache:

■  They don’t get their work done, so you waste time chasing them while fending off your own boss.

■  They are not very good with customers, so you have to think of little miracles to stop customers leaving you.

■  They sap the energy within the team.

The main problem is that, like a bad apple, one or two people can ruin a whole team. They will have a bad impact on both attitude and productivity.

This is why I developed the workshop Managing Staff with Challenging Behaviour. To help managers spot these attitudes and behaviours early on, nip them in the bud, and fix them. Also how to manage the team in a way that prevents challenging behaviour occurring in the first place.

This workshop has had excellent reviews. I have now put it on the web, so more people can access it and learn how to resolve challenging behaviour once and for all.

The first 50 people to enrol get a 50% discount! So just hit the enrol button here!

Here is a sneaky preview!

■  There are a few common ‘types’ of challenging behaviours at work. You need to understand which type you are dealing with, so you address the issue in the right way, i.e. that leads to fixing the problem, not escalating it.

■  There is a great way to give feedback, to make sure it’s taken on board. This is the feedback sandwich: Tell the person one thing they do well, highlight an area for improvement, conclude with specific praise about something else they do well. In the course I explain exactly how to deliver the feedback sandwich.

■  As the manager, you set the tone! It’s a great responsibility, but also an immense opportunity to prevent challenging behaviour occurring in the first place. I explore how to instil positive norms in the team, that make everyone’s life more pleasant, while more productive.

So just hit the enrol button here! The first 50 people to enrol get a 50% discount!

I hope you found this useful! If you have any points to discuss please get in touch.

Dr Sharon Xuereb is an employee engagement specialist, and a psychologist working in the UK and the US. She has developed a free quiz so you can find out what type of manager you are. You will instantly get practical tips to help you become an even more effective manager!


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