How a Single Conversation can Improve Your Effectiveness

LegoWouldn’t it be great if all of our customers were happy ones!

Imagine if your work day was full of smiling, co-operative appreciative people who all wanted to buy what you are selling and can’t wait to tell all their friends about how great you are…

What difference would that make?

… OK, so I am exaggerating a little to make a point!


Sometimes a single conversation can be the difference between happy customers and unhappy ones.

And, that single conversation doesn’t even have to be with your customers.

Let me tell you a story to show you what I mean.

Making Customers Happy

A recent client was struggling to decide how to manage complaints coming from his clients.  Now, one way to look at this situation could be to see it as a ‘Managing client complaints’ issue, full stop.

But see what happened when we looked a little deeper…

By asking my client about how he generally deals with the complaints we uncovered that he only ever sees two options:
a) Having unattainably high expectations of how to please clients;
b) Being a walkover.

This was proving very unhelpful to his business and his personal health!

We investigated a little further using probing questions and explored how he feels when trying to dealing with criticism generally (not just at work).


My clever client identified a third option:
c) Being a high-achiever is great, but only when the costs are reasonable; some clients are not worth keeping.

How did my client benefit?

By more than either of us had imagined!

Simply by tackling the underlying ‘dealing with criticism’ issue, not only did he resolve the client complaints issue, but he also indirectly tackled:

      ■ Pricing
      ■ Managing people.
      ■ Communicating with clients.

… because they all relate to being open to finding a happy medium to be found between perfectionism  and passiveness.

This flexible approach has won round clients, improved sales, and made my client much happier at work … all from a single conversation.


Managing a business can feel like being pulled in every direction at once and it can be difficult to know exactly what to focus on at any given time.

As a psychologist, I always recommend, if you want to create the biggest improvement in your business … ‘see your staff as a whole person, not just a worker’.

The mutual support and respect within a team is an accurate indicator of how productive they will be … And it is a manager’s job to make that happen.

Sometimes managers need a little help … and that’s where we come in.

We help managers identify and then play to their strengths and manage in their own personal style.

By understanding your management style you can:

      ■ Feel more confident at work every day.
      ■ Understand how to easily approach difficult situations.
      ■ Maximize your positive impact on your team.
      ■ Know how to keep yourself motivated.
      ■ Better manage up (keep your own bosses happy).

Our quiz takes four minutes (I timed it!) … and is free, and we guarantee, will change your worklife.

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