We leave no stone unturned. We identify the problem. We address it. Our results last.

What does this mean for you?

Your problem is resolved. Long-term. Managers can focus on managing and leading, rather than dealing with nitty-gritties.

Managers and teams will pull the same rope in the same direction. Long-term.

So what makes us effective?

Through the ZENITH way we clearly identify the problem, collect relevant information, research evidence-based practices, recommend effective solutions, and oversee the transformation of your team. In essence we:

    Zoom in: We identify the crux of the problem. Sometimes clients say that the problem is that the team is not motivated enough, and so need some motivation workshops. When we zoom in we may find out that the problem is lack of clear goals – which motivation workshops would definitely not solve!
    Enquire: We collect information from relevant people. We do this using anonymous questionnaires, individual interviews, focus groups, and analysing relevant data.
    Nail it: We use powerful statistical programmes to assist us analyse the information collected. We also refer to the most recent research. We aim for everything we do to be evidence-based , i.e. research has proven that it works!
    Instruct: We make clear and specific recommendations to the client, on what they need to do to resolve the problem, and how to do it. This is all based on the ZEN parts of the consultancy process.
    Transform: This is when things change. So we do not just instruct clients what to do. We also oversee the implementation of the new way. Our expertise ensures that everything is implemented as planned. Only thus can the consultation lead to a permanent fix.
    Highlight: We revisit the client 6 months after the end of the transformation. We evaluate how things are going, and recommend and oversee tweaks if necessary.


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