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Hi! Thanks for visiting Zenith CTC!

I am someone who believes in people.

Which is why I became a psychologist. I work with people in the UK, the US, and Africa. People from a range of cultures. Which helps me understand their take on cultural issues and how this impacts their workplace (Plus great opportunities to talk about politics – but please don’t get me started on politics – I might never stop!).


Why do I do what I do?

I want to help people overcome obstacles, so that they could come closer to being who they want to be. A cliche’ perhaps. But I just believe in people. Without their fulfilment, organisations are just modern-day sweatshops!

So many people are ‘nearly there’, but there are still some problems in the way. I want to help them turn these problems into learning experiences.

Whether it is feeling horribly anxious at the mention of the word ‘targets’. Or wanting to disappear when yet another minor difficulty becomes a huge problem. Or maybe they are managing a great team of people, but they just can’t seem to get them to work effectively together.

This is all very frustrating! And I want to help take transform this frustration into joy and a sense of achievement!

Why Zenith?

I am Zenith, and I care. So I care about you and your team.

A very short answer to a complex question. But it’s what I believe in.

Other irrelevant bits of information …

  • I have twisted my ankle 5 times, each time wearing flat shoes. I should say I am much better at coaching than I am at walking!
  • I think a summer holiday in the Mediterranean is a terrible idea, as it is way too hot!
  • My idea of a good work-life balance is to have time to cycle anywhere within a 5 mile radius … and get there on time!


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